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Here’s a little about the beautiful album by French-Cuban sisters Naomi and Lisa‑Kaindé Diaz. Fresh out of the oven, their first single “River” was released last year and attracted a hell of a lot of attention. Crafted by highly skilled musicians, mixed by the big boss of XL Recordings himself, it reminds you of the time when music was made from the simple desire to express emotions, not following any format or logic (as far as being signed by a big label allows it…). It’s a stunning result of an existence and upbringing at a peculiar part of the world, to a Venezuelan mother and a renowned Cuban musician who was part of the good old Buena Vista Social Club.

We’ll risk and say that chanting, African languages, synths, samples, piano… all merged, softened and embraced by their fragile voice, might have become a new genre sphere on its own. Emotional and spiritual, you’ll get goosebumps all the while, even when you don’t understand what the heck they’re saying (which could be in Yoruba a Nigerian language also spoken in Cuba).

This album strikes as a painstakingly honest creative catharsis, it seems to have been build up waiting to come out at the right time, transbording nostalgia and contemporaneity.

You might wanna check if it’s the right place and time for a few tears before watching Mama Says. It’s a homage to their father, who passed away when they were only 11 years old.

JUNGLE… /// Ever felt this good? \\\

||| WE THINK THIS IS… the best feel good album ever …

Never a modern soul album meant so much. The thing is… It really sounds like something we all heard before, but we can’t put our finger on… Well it doesn’t matter.. we can put our finger in other places anyway…

Good stuff is supposed to be appreciated —- And that’s what we’re doing with this one |||

Sit back and really enjoy it…..

And let the needle drop…..

//Py + Throwing Snow\\


This is for the weekend….. Some good shadowy slow house beats along with raw, soulful vocals… Ah that’ll stick to your head and let you wondering what she looks
like- kind of voice… I’m biased, think this album is brilliant.

She’s called Py, she’s responsible for some of the singing in Wallow collaborating with Throwing Snow, in 2011 but STILL one of my favourites of all time (on the genre).
She’s releasing her new solo album this year Swimming Slow, check out track with the same name. (and obvs the version remixed by Throwing Snow)

Who is Throwing Snow anyway? Producing good stuff since 2010, also remixing for great artists and supporting the likes Thom Yorke, Gilles Peterson, Bonobo… It’s the result of Ross Tones obsession with music. We’ll keep an eye on him.

Let the needle drop…

Essa é pro final de semana…. Como um bom house deve ser, sombrio, vocais interessantes, aquele tipo que vai ficar na sua cabeça e te fazer imaginar um rosto por trás da voz e outro trás da mesa de procução..
O nome é Py, ela é a responsável pela cantoria toda no disco Wallow lançado em 2011, no qual colabora com Throwing Snow e o resultado é incrível. Um dos meus discos preferidos de todos os tempos (desse gênero).
Com lançamento de seu novo trabalho Swimming Slow a vista, seu nome voltará aos charts, blogs e sites.. A track também chamada Swimming Slow já esta por ai (ouça a cima a versão remixada por Throwing Snow, obviamente ☺)
E esse tal de Throwing Snow quem é?! Bom, um puta productor de música eletrônica, tem criado e remixado por ai com gente grande como Thom Yorke, Gilles Peterson, Bonobo. Seu nome real é Ross Tones e sua obsessão por música começou cedo e quem colhe os frutos somos nós. Tamo de olho nele.

Abaixa a agulha agora…


(picture by Lucy Johnston in londoninstereo.com)

Their original name was Fauve, which means “Wild Beast” in French. These 4 guys from Kendal, England, have met when Hayden Thorpe and Ben Little were still at the uni, in 2002 they were already writing songs together. In 2004, the drummer Chris “Bert” Talbot and the bassist Gareth “Gaz” Bullock joined the group and they have changed their name to the English version. A little later in 2005 they moved to Leeds and Tom Fleming replaced Bullock on the bass. In 2008 they have launched their first album and haven’t stop until now, thank God!

I’ve first listened to them back in 2009. I can still remember how I was hypnotized by their melodies, electronic elements and the beautiful balance in between the deep and the high voice of the vocals.

This last album released now in February is just marvelous, they are still the same Wild Beasts from “All the King’s Man” and “Smoother” but they are back with a little more class. The lyrics are stunning and all the music atmosphere is impeccable. You can listen to all the tracks and feel different feelings coming from each one.
I’ve been listening to this album for the last week and the more I listen to it, the more I like it.

For those who are in London, today they are playing at XOYO, it’s sold out but if I was there, I’d try to buy it at the door, it’s very worth it, watch them live is a fulfilling experience.

For more about them: http://wild-beasts.co.uk



Diversifying and experimenting are definitely two verbs that come to mind when thinking about Apparat’s downtempo wonderfulness. Sasha Ring started out as a DJ, trying out different beats in rough massive, dirty, empty warehouses that soon filled up with early adopters of techno house in the outskirts of Berlin. Then he became more interested in “designing sounds than beats” and from different projects on, turned into an analog, 2 piece band called Apparat. The track ‘Goodbye’ is on the infamous Breaking Bad series soundtrack ‘already’ that’s when you know you’ve nailed it…

This is music to listen to while…. Splashing paint on a canvas or ferociously typing onto a keyboard or even better both at the same time.

Below it’s a lovely advert made for cancer awareness, using one of his tracks.

Tales of us

mixedmedia-goldfrapp-500 This is the name for Goldfrapp’s last album. Three years after Head First she is back with something completely different from it. She comes with this deep, serious and mature music. She is playing with a small orchestra and explores her amazing vocal power as she should. She put the disco vibe away for a bit and go back to Felt Mountain principles but now applies all she have learnt in these past years between in music. Whenever I listen to this album, I feel like closing my eyes and letting it take me anywhere else, likely to Goldfrapp’s world. It is very, very beautiful.

Before the album was launched, she had released a teaser that is a trailer. This was directed by her and her girlfriend Lisa Gunning who edited as well. This and 5 more. Hell of a couple, I’d give a lot of things to spend a few hours between those minds and hearts.

According to what she said in the concert “Annabel is about a girl’s trapped in a boy’s body”

Este é o nome do último álbum do Goldfrapp. Três anos após Head First ela volta com algo completamente diferente. Ela volta com esta profundidade, seriedade e maturidade musical. Ela toca com uma pequena orquestra e explora sua incrível potência vocal como deveria. Ela deixou a vibe disco de lado um pouco e voltou aos princípios do Felt Mountain mas dessa vez, aplicando tudo o que ela aprendeu sobre música nestes anos entre um álbum e outro. Toda vez que eu escuto a ess álbum, eu tenho vontade de fechar os olhos e deixar que ele me leve a qualquer outro lugar. Possivelmente ao mundo de Goldfrapp. É muito, muito bonito.

Antes do álbum ter sido lançado, ela lançou um teaser em forma de trailer. Isso foi dirigido porela e por sua namorada, que também é a editora. Deste e 5 mais. Um casal brilhante. Eu daria muita coisa em troca de passar algumas horas entre essas mentes e corações.

Segundo a própria Goldfrapp no seu show “Annabel é uma canção sobre uma garota presa no corpo de um garoto”

Connan Mockasin

FDL_Hero Still

This is lovely, under 100 BPM, gentle music to your tired ears. It has the softness of Johnson & The Johnsons minus the melancholy and it has the fresh certainty you’re watching something fascinating being created.

I won’t judge if you add these to your ‘songs to make love to’ playlist, otherwise they’ll fit really well under the ‘David Lynch-esques’ one.

Apparently he spent 10 years without listening to anyone else’s music, sort of… he just didn’t. He was into Jimi Hendrix while learning to play the guitar then went on to figure out his own thing (and it really shows). His enigmatic ways gained him an impressive list of fans such as Radiohead (who invited him to support them on a tour of Australia and New Zealand), Beck, Beach House and Charlotte Gainsbourg, who is now a friend and collaborator.

He is a little special so if it’s not your thing, skip it to the next post, there are plenty of good stuff.

“Its dreamy grooves sound like something that Prince might make, was he on strong prescription tranquillisers – in a good way, of course.” Cleverly put by Ben Arnold

Nuff said!

He’s ought to be one of the most intriguing musicians out there at the moment.

Isso é adorável, com menos de 100 BPM, gentil, música… para seus ouvidos cansados. Tão suave quanto Johnson & The Johnsons menos a melancholia, com a sensação de que você esta assistindo alguma coisa intrigante sendo criada. Não te julgo se você colocar alguma dessas músicas na sua lista de ‘músicas para fazer amor’, se não elas também ficarão perfeitas na playlist do ‘meio David Lynch style’.

Dizem que ele passou quase 10 anos sem ouvir nenhuma música de outros artistas. Ele aprendeu a tocar guitarra com Jimi Hendrix mas depois quis buscar seu próprio estilo (e percebe-se!). Seu jeito enigmático rendeu uma lista até meio que impressionante de fãs consagrados como Radiohead (ele os acompahou durante um tour na Nova Zelândia e Austrália), Beck, Beah House e Charlotte Gainsborough (com quem agora colaboradora)

“Seus grooves soam fantasmagóricos, bem como algo que Prince poderia ter criado se estivesse tomado vários tranquilizantes- em um bom sentido, claro” Bem dito por Ben Arnold. O suficiente ja foi dito! Esse cara é especial então se não for a sua, pula pro próximo post que tem um monte de coisa boa por ai.  Na minha opinião ele é um dos músicos mais intrigantes do momento. 



Austra’s first album Feel It Break (2011)  was one of the most talked about of that year. The Canadian band launched their second album called Olympia in June, 2013. Katie Stelmanis at times shaky notes lend a pinch of fragility to otherwise strong vocals, in stylish synth-pop set of tracks. They draw inspiration from classical music as more than half the band come from that background and of course electro. As Katie admits, all she really wanted to was ultimately make ”classical music with really fucked up, distorted, crazy shit on there.”

Olympia has taken a slight different route to that of the first album but I’m bias as my all time favourite tune ‘Beat and the Pulse’ is on the first.

So have a listen and tell us what you think…

They are great live, if you don’t get goose-bump while watching the video below…. you have NO SOUL.

Feel It Break foi lançado em 2011 e foi um dos albuns mais comentados daquele ano no mundito indie. A banda canadense lançou seu segundo album chamado Olympia em junho deste ano. A vocalista Katie Stelmanis domina como ninguém o contraste entre synth-pop e pop liírico. Há um Q de música clássica, já que mais da metade desse trio vêm de uma formação mais tradicional e claro muito eletro. Como diz Katie ‘que eu queria mesmo fazer é “uma mistura foda de música clássica, distorçoōes e loucura”. Olympia definitivamente é um pouco diferente do primeiro album. Eu to ja predisposta a ter o primeiro como meu favorito, já que ‘Beat and the Pulse’ é uma das minhas músicas preferidas de muito tempo. Então da uma olhada no video abaixo e me diz o que você acha. Se você nao ficar arrepiado ao assistir esse video… você  NÃO TEM ALMA!


Happy Birthday Lizzard King


If he didn’t exist, probably all the rock’n’roll scene would be different today. Likely Ray, Robby and John would have never worked together and who knows, maybe they would have even given up on music on their early adult years for not finding someone to complete what was missing there.
But he was, he did exist. He did meet those guys and they have had one of the greatest rock’n’roll bands of all times.
Without Jim Morrison there wouldn’t be The Doors. Without The Doors there wouldn’t be so many musical wonders that are still here today for us to listen to it on repeat mode. Without Jim Morrison, rock’n’roll history would have been another, and probably my life and a lot of other’s would have been different as well.
So, thank you Jim. For being born, for being such a brighten person, for having such beauty in mind and soul…
It’s a shame you had to go so fast but all your intensity gave us things that will be here forever. Generation past generation.

Cool dude, very cool dude!

Se ele não houvesse existido, provavelmente toda a cena do rock hoje em dia seria diferente. Possivelmente Ray, Robby e John jamais tivessem trabalhado juntos e quem sabe mesmo teriam desistido da carreira musical quando ainda eram jóvens adultos por não achar alguém que completasse as necessidades deles.
Mas ele nasceu, ele existiu. Ele conheceu esses caras e eles tiveram uma das maiores bandas de rock que já existiu. Sem Jim Morrison, não existiria The Doors. Sem The Doors, muitas maravilhas musicais que exitem até hoje para que nós possamos escutar em modo repetitivo infinito. Sem Jim Morrison, a história do rock teria sido outra e provavelmente a minha vida e de muitos outros tivesse sido diferente também.
Então, obrigada Jim. Por ter nascido, por ter sido uma pessoa tão iluminada, por ter tido uma alma e mente tão bonitos. É uma pena que você tenha vivido tão rápido mas a sua intensidade nos deu coisas que vão perdurar para sempre. Geração após geração.

The most beautiful band…


I’ve said it several times to people I know, when I talk about Efterklang, I could think of a thousand sentences to define them but nothing could describe them better than this, they are the most beautiful band.
They are special and after I went to their gig, this was confirmed by every second they were on stage and by every chord they played. They are pure sweetness, you can see love coming out of them. When they play, when they interact with each other and when they look at you and smile while they are on stage.
For their last album, they have been to a ghost town that used to be the employees’ town, from a coal mine for Russia and nowadays is inactive and abandoned.
The city is called Piramida and that’s where the album name comes from. It’s on the North Pole and the only life forms that can be found there now are wild animals.
They have recorded more than 1000 sounds from there and applied loads of them on the album.
It’s very hard to put in words how they sound, I can only say. Open your heart, close your eyes absorb the music. Because that’s all you can actually do, feel their music.

And… they have made a documentary while they were at Piramida recording all the sounds, it’s very much worth watching it, for it’s beauty and to understand they a bit better

More about them www.efterklang.net

Eu disse isso várias vezes pra diferentes pessoas e não sou capaz de encontrar outra sentença pra definir Efterklang do que “a banda mais bonita”. Eu poderia pensar em mil outras definições pra eles, mas nada define eles melhor que isso.
Eles são especiais e principalmente depois de eu ter visto eles tocar, isso se confirmou em cada segundo que eles estiveram no palco, a cada nota que eles tocavam. Eles são uma doçura pura, da pra ver amor brotando deles. Quando eles tocam, quando eles interagem entre eles e quando eles olham pra ti e sorriem enquanto tocam.
Para o último álbum deles, eles foram a essa cidade fantasma que era a cidade dos funcionários de uma mina de carvão Russo e hoje em dia está inativa e abandonada.
A cidade se chama Piramida, daí vem o nome do álbum. Fica no polo norte a a única forma de vida hoje em dia por lá é a selvagem.
Eles gravaram mais de 1000 sons e muitos foram utilizados na gravação do álbum.
É muito difícil pôr em palavras como eles soam, só posso dizer. Feche os olhos, abra o coração e absorva a música deles. Porquê isso é a única coisa que na verdade pode ser feita, sentir a música.

Eles gravaram um documentário enquanto estiveram em Piramida gravando todos os sons. Vale muita a pena assistir, pela beleza do documentário e pra entender a banda um pouco melhor.

Mais sobre eles www.efterklang.net