(picture by Lucy Johnston in londoninstereo.com)

Their original name was Fauve, which means “Wild Beast” in French. These 4 guys from Kendal, England, have met when Hayden Thorpe and Ben Little were still at the uni, in 2002 they were already writing songs together. In 2004, the drummer Chris “Bert” Talbot and the bassist Gareth “Gaz” Bullock joined the group and they have changed their name to the English version. A little later in 2005 they moved to Leeds and Tom Fleming replaced Bullock on the bass. In 2008 they have launched their first album and haven’t stop until now, thank God!

I’ve first listened to them back in 2009. I can still remember how I was hypnotized by their melodies, electronic elements and the beautiful balance in between the deep and the high voice of the vocals.

This last album released now in February is just marvelous, they are still the same Wild Beasts from “All the King’s Man” and “Smoother” but they are back with a little more class. The lyrics are stunning and all the music atmosphere is impeccable. You can listen to all the tracks and feel different feelings coming from each one.
I’ve been listening to this album for the last week and the more I listen to it, the more I like it.

For those who are in London, today they are playing at XOYO, it’s sold out but if I was there, I’d try to buy it at the door, it’s very worth it, watch them live is a fulfilling experience.

For more about them: http://wild-beasts.co.uk

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