I b e y i ___ rawness


Here’s a little about the beautiful album by French-Cuban sisters Naomi and Lisa‑Kaindé Diaz. Fresh out of the oven, their first single “River” was released last year and attracted a hell of a lot of attention. Crafted by highly skilled musicians, mixed by the big boss of XL Recordings himself, it reminds you of the time when music was made from the simple desire to express emotions, not following any format or logic (as far as being signed by a big label allows it…). It’s a stunning result of an existence and upbringing at a peculiar part of the world, to a Venezuelan mother and a renowned Cuban musician who was part of the good old Buena Vista Social Club.

We’ll risk and say that chanting, African languages, synths, samples, piano… all merged, softened and embraced by their fragile voice, might have become a new genre sphere on its own. Emotional and spiritual, you’ll get goosebumps all the while, even when you don’t understand what the heck they’re saying (which could be in Yoruba a Nigerian language also spoken in Cuba).

This album strikes as a painstakingly honest creative catharsis, it seems to have been build up waiting to come out at the right time, transbording nostalgia and contemporaneity.

You might wanna check if it’s the right place and time for a few tears before watching Mama Says. It’s a homage to their father, who passed away when they were only 11 years old.

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